N e y S E A™, LLC
N e y S E A™, LLC
Self Driving Ships Yachts and Boats

The U.S. Coast Guard estimates that human error accounts for up to 96 percent of all marine casualties

NeySEA, llc is working to eliminate these errors with better data and better situational awareness at sea.

The NeySEA Pilot Line System, or NPLS, is a marine GPS autopilot navigator solution.  It automatically executes all consecutive maneuvers required to complete a waypoint-defined voyage plan.

Real innovation creates value.  Creating value opens up new opportunities.   The NPLS is part of this evolution by delivering cutting edge precision GPS navigation and control for fully automatic pier to pier way point defined voyages safely and more efficiently !  All in one pc based software solution!  


 Meet your new First Officer, Marine Navigator and Virtual Helmsman...on deck 24/7 for you!!! 

 With over 30 years of experience in installation, service, use and development of conventional marine electronics,  NeySEA, LLC is well positioned and motivated to take the industry into the future and beyond. 

Our comprehensive, documented experience in the marine industry dates back to 1985 when GPS was first being introduced on vessels to replace Loran.  

From these earliest experiences with GPS systems, autopilots, radar systems , VHF, Sideband and SAT communications from world leading manufacturers like Trimble Navigation, Robertson, Simrad,  Furuno,  Northstar,  Raytheon, Koden, Si-Tex, ComNav, AutoHelm and others,  NeySEA employees were there!   

 We worked early on in the industry with  GPS and SAT Communications systems from providers such as KVH, SEA-TEL, land based navigation receivers, compasses, graphical chart plotters, ship autopilots, sonar, ship radars, VHF and SAT communication products... and more all to the current day.   We have now raised the bar and taken the next evolutionary step for the industry.  The future for ocean travel is, semi-autonomous, autonomous and remotely controlled technology and systems architecture.  Our NeySEA , LLC  technology solution and offerings offers increased efficiency and improved safety for lives at sea.   It offers lucrative profits for early adopters of patented technology who see the coming trend of virtualization and pay as you use software based  E-Navigation GPS Autopilot controlled and guided voyages.  

Our PLS represents the future of software-based marine electronics. This future is far less dependent on any one specific manufacturers' proprietary hardware and embedded software packages.   

The NeySEA , LLC  future and vision is about virtualization and increased vessel service offerings.  It's about intelligent software and intelligent ship, yachts and boats.   Software autopilot-driven E-Navigation automation reduces complexity which reduces crew task loads, vessel and cargo liabilities, mechanical wear and more. it's a fully automatic, port-to-port, waypoint-defined, autopilot voyage.

It's a native Software defined E-Navigation GPS Autopilot Solution and full development solution in one.    At the heart of our solution is a revolutionary seamless software-based autopilot and E-Navigation application driven by proven marine autopilot control law algorithms and architecture developed by Mr. William M. Pease.  These applications run multi-threaded on the same PC in the same database.   Nearly all current PCs feature multi-core processors which feature multi-threaded architecture hence our NeySEA ,LLC NeySEApilot computer runs the ship's main computer and can be the ship, yacht or baots main ECDIS solution as well as a full software based marine E-Navigation GPS guided Autopilot controller.  One computer and one clock.  The ships clock and the computers clock are the same. 

 There are many more possibilities and benefits that our NeySEApilot solution is capable of being the backbone for.   Please reach out to us and share your application needs and requirements.   We look forward to working together with all partners of the industry.  Fleets, end users, developers, system engineers, manufacturers, system integrator's ,  installers and distribution partners.  

Thank you. 



NeySEA™, LLC is home of the NeySEApilot Line System or PLS system.  The 2012 patented technology and working system software is available for users, manufacturers, developers, fleet operators, installers, OEM Builders and dealers via a NeySEA™, LLC developers license and agreement.  NeySEA™, LLC 2018, all rights reserved.