N e y S E A™, LLC
N e y S E A™, LLC
Self Driving Ships Yachts and Boats


NeySEA is an exciting and new innovative marine electronics navigation and control company. Self Driving Ships, Yachts and Boats Today!!

Our products are software based and hardware agnostic.  Our patented new software defined Autopilot engine provides complete port to port voyage planning, GPS navigation and precision autopilot command and control guidance directly from one light, agile integrated pc application.   Now ships, yachts and boats alike will be able to have safer fully automatic self driving waypoint defined precision guided voyages on the open oceans, bays or lakes.  Our NeySEA Pilot system is so intelligent and capable it works on all sizes and types of vessels.  From 30 feet to the worlds largest ocean going ships!! The ultimate in value, flexibility and safety...Now all in one solution!  NeySEA!   Get the future of self driving ships, yachts and boats today with NeySEA!!!!  

NeySEA is focused on helping improve safety and value for allmariners.   Our solutions are intended to add value and help eliminate unknowns at sea while helping ships, yachts and boats safely navigate and reach safe harbor.  We do this with our patented technology and our "we have been offshore and also have worked in the marine electronics industry for over 32 years.    Our products and solutions are professional grade yet are affordable for all.   They are intended to specifically help professional mariners, Captains and crew of high seas ships, yachts, coastal fishing vessels and recreational boaters alike all achieve safe passage and a more meaningful boating experience.   

How does our solution help make safer passages? How do we improve situational awareness? How do we reduce task loading of the vessel's operator and crew while increasing efficiency and still improve time of arrival records?

The answer is easy: We collect new data to improve existing charts.   Ask your marine electronics provider or ship, yacht and boat builder today for NeySEA!! The future of self driving ships, yachts and boats!!!!!!  Your partner at sea.....NeySEA....Were on board with you for your life!!!