NeySea™ Acquires Sole Assets of Cutting-Edge Pilot Line System


Shannon Casey




New Software Expected to Revolutionize Ocean Transport Industry and Save Lives at Sea

September 26, 2017 -  NeySea announced today the acquisition of all assets of Pilot Line Systems, LLC (PLS). William M. Pease, chief engineer and founder, invented and patented this new collection of semi-autonomous and future remote-controlled, autonomous ocean navigation software.  NeySea expects this technology, the PLS, to replace conventional stand-alone marine autopilots and chart plotter navigation devices with this all-in-one solution. Autopilot sea voyages offer many benefits: In addition to significant fuel savings and reduction in vessel wear and tear, this innovative software solution could save countless human lives.

This technology reduces fuel costs and collisions at sea for ocean transport companies. Originally designed for ships, the solution will be offered for boats, ships and yachts alike. Voyage data collection and aggregation are part of the solution. They help ships reach their destinations faster and with less fuel. The PLS was developed to help vessel owners significantly reduce fuel consumption and improve efficiency. NeySea estimates vessels will achieve meaningful fuel savings – possibly up to 7 or 8 percent.

The PLS can protect the environment and human lives. The Coast Guard estimates 96 percent of accidents at sea are a result of human error. With the system, vessel routing and heading information and course changes can be quickly updated. Consequently, the PLS makes notoriously difficult and dangerous approaches into harbors and ports much safer.

The software promises greater situational awareness for crews, captains and vessel owners alike. Fewer lives will be vulnerable to accidents and piracy, making missions much easier for the Coast Guard, Navy, Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and First Responders. The technology affords boats, ships and yachts the option to travel caravan-style to further protect fleets from pirate attacks.

“Current marine electronics are made as single-purpose devices. Ours in an all-in-one,” says company founder John Neyland Jr. “William M. Pease – the PLS inventor – also invented of The Raytheon Company’s pathfinder, digital radar system. The digital radar revolutionized marine radar. We expect the PLS to do the same for navigation and voyage implementation. William M. Pease realized that the future of marine electronic navigation and autopilot control was continued integration and software-based. It’s exciting times for sure.”

The PLS is a patented and fully integrated voyage planning solution. It is 100 percent software-based and runs on standard PC hardware and COTS off-the-shelf components. The PLS system and product road map includes charting, voyage planning, precision autopilot functionality, GPS navigation, depth data recording and automated radar collision target processing, avoidance capabilities and autonomous modes.

“We’re eager to partner with other industry companies, explains Neyland. “After 30 years in the industry, we are now taking the industry into the next 30 years and beyond.”

John Neyland Jr.